Composer influenced by Indie Rock and American Minimalism.
Computer Scientist researching Accessible Interfaces and CS Education.
Music Technologist performing with laptops, iPads, and robots.

I am a Boettcher Scholar at CU Boulder wrapping up degrees in Computer Science (BS/MS) and Music Composition (BM) and aim to apply to grad programs and jobs in music technology or related fields.

I perform with numerous ensembles, volunteer as a grant maker and community leaderwork with Professor Kane in the Superhuman Computing Lab, and host the weekly radio show The Intentional Listener on Radio 1190 Tuesdays at 7pm.

Improvisations and Inspirations

Muslim Quarter in Xi'an, China


“Over the course of many years, piles of battered fridges, yellowing issues of Life magazine, and burnt-out light bulbs had accumulated around an enormous wrecking yard. It was over this jagged, rusty territory that the moon now loomed, and the swaths of crumpled metal swelled as if carried on a high tide. They resembled each other, the decrepit moon and that crust of the earth which had been soldered into…


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