EEF Dinner

Innovate for Good Campaign
March 2016 – August 2016

Innovate for Good is an initiative of the Rose Community Foundation that began in 2015. The campaign is unique in encouraging rapid idea generation and iteration as eligible projects must be in idea, planning, or pilot stage, and utilizes crowd sourcing as the first round of proposals are reviewed by volunteers from the greater Denver community.

The 2016 cycle has allocated up $250,000 to grant projects which empower youth to be agents of change in the community. I serve on the committee to select the year’s winners alongside other leaders from throughout Colorado.

I’ve volunteered at the Rose Foundation for almost ten years in various capacities beginning with my tenure in the Rose Youth Foundation.

Engineering Dean Search
January 2016 – July 2016

The Search Committee was formed to select a new Engineering Dean at CU Boulder to replace Dean Robert Davis when he returns to the Chemical Engineering Department. The wide-ranging search concluded in July 2016 with the appointment of Dr. Bobby Braun.

I was selected by the Provost to represent the undergraduate and graduate student population on the committee and served among senior faculty, department chairs, and college leadership. My responsibilities included attending meetings, reviewing applications, interviewing applicants, hosting finalist candidates during their visits, and moderating sessions for students to meet the candidates.

Engineering Excellence Fund
October 2012 – May 2015

The Engineering Excellence Fund (EEF) Committee consists of six undergraduate students, three graduate students, and three faculty advisors from many departments across the College of Engineering. EEF serves as a funding agency for a variety of projects in the College including senior projects, lab upgrades, building renovations, class development, CU engineering teams, and engineering projects for society. I served on the Committee in various roles for three years.

During my tenure as chair of the committee I interviewed and elected six new members, I developed a brand new EEF website, I updated the EEF charter and RFPs, I presented the Committee’s work to all of the College of Engineering department chairs, I worked with the Dean of Engineering to add a yearly funding commitment to the brand new Idea Forge, and as a result of updating our advertising methods, the Committee received a larger total amount in grant requests and Sullivan-Carlson Teacher award nominations than ever before in EEF’s history.

EEF Logo

College of Music Committee for Interdisciplinary Opportunities
March 2015 – May 2015

During the second semester of Dean Robert Shay’s first year at the College Music, a series of committees were formed to provide summaries of the current state of things and recommendations of paths for the new dean to pursue. I served alongside faculty in the College of Music to compose a written document recommending how to support students and faculty with areas of interest outside of music.

Pendulum New Music Committee
October 2012 – May 2015

The Pendulum Committee is a group of faculty and students that plans new music events at CU Boulder including monthly Pendulum concerts, visits from renowned musicians and composers like Alarm Will Sound and the Kronos Quartet, and new music festivals like the 2012 John Cage Festival.

Pendulum Committee Group Photo

2013 – 2014 Pendulum Committee from left: Dan Kellogg, Willie Payne, Hsing-ay Hsu, Hunter Ewen, Chelsea Komschlies, Hugh Lobel, Carter Pann, John Drumheller, Jeffrey Nytch