For the Loneliness You Foster – Solo Flute

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I was introduced to music through a miniature Fender Stratocaster that my parents bought me as a child. In high school, after I learned the minor pentatonc scale, I began spending hours soloing and playing the blues. Practicing guitar alone in my room became an opportunity to escape from reality and an outlet to express my teenage angst. The title of this work is taken from the Fionn Regan song “Put a Penny in the Slot” where the narrator discusses the confusion and loneliness associated with leaving home at 17 to become a musician.

Composed: Fall 2013
Performed: January 2014 – Grusin Hall in Boulder, Colorado
Musician: Sarah Frank
Duration: 4 minutes
Musical Score
1/31/14 Concert Poster

1/31/14 Concert Poster