Mosh – Saxophone Quartet


In winter 2014 on a Monday night, I procrastinated making progress on a new saxophone quartet to go see the band The Front Bottoms in Fort Collins, Colorado with some friends. During the concert a mosh broke out fueled by the band’s speed and amplitude that despite my initial hesitance eventually sucked me in. This work seeks to capture the feelings of arriving stressed and exhausted to a concert then engaging with and dancing to the music and finally joining others to set motion to a mosh. Throughout the work, the musicians almost always play in homophony, and as new rhythms are steadily added, there becomes less and less time to breathe.

Composed: Spring 2013
Performance: November 2014 – Grusin Music Hall in Boulder, Colorado
Musicians: Austin Dreher (Soprano Sax), Tyler Klopenstine (Alto Sax), Samantha Jones (Tenor Sax), Daniel Mullan (Baritone Sax)
Duration: 8 minutes
Mosh Performance Poster

11/12/14 Concert Poster